Specific make-up and hair styling:

  • photo make-up fashion, commercial, advertorial
  • video/TV make-up
  • men make-up runway and fashion
  • extreme make-up
  • runway make-up
  • editorial make-up

Competition make-up and hair styling pro dance sport:

  • professional competition make-up and hair styling focused on durability and longlasting during a dance sport competition
  • product guidance for competition face and body make-up products and for hair styling
  • personal "cookbook" who to create the look and personal consultations of make-up techniques

Wedding make-up and hair styling:

  • professional make-up and hairstyling with long lasting and waterproof products with strong accent to obtain always beautiful and flawless look
  • trendy and fashionable look according to the clients' wish and with a respect to the event attitude 
  • application of false lashes, rhinestones and other decorations
  • one or more tryouts based on customer's wish and time table (at client's place)
  • wedding place Prague or Středočeský kraj, longer distance on arragement

Occasional/party make-up and hair styling:

  • professional occasional/party make-up according to actual trends
  • extreme and strong make-up look for theme parties
  • application of false lashes, rhinestones and other decorations
  • possible tryouts for more sophisticated looks
  • meeting at client's place or at event place 

Daily make-up and hair styling:

  • professional daily make-up with hair styling
  • product guidance
  • personal "cookbook" how to create the look
  • meeting at client's place

Skin Care Treatment: 

  • complete cosmetic treatment based on client's need with professional Czech brand SynCare
  • cosmetic massage of face and décolletage 
  • in-depht skin cleaning treatment done mechanically and with ultrasound device
  • acne-prone skin treatment
  • anti-age skin treatment
  • face hair removal done with hot wax
  • brow shaping including coloring
  • product guidance including the purchase of SynCare products
  • meeting at client's place